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Calendar and Fees



 Spring I, 2014

 January 6-March 7  

 Spring II, 2014
  March 17-May 16

 Summer, 2014
 May 27-July 25

 Fall I, 2014
 August 4-October 3

 Fall II, 2014
  October 13-December 12

                                   FEES per 9 WEEK SESSION

     Application Fee




     Part time tuition




    University Fees:(gen. &tech)


      Medical Insurance


     Homestay Placement fee


     Program Deposit (refundable)


Please also consider transportation, personal/dependents expenses, etc. Please contact the center if you have any questions.

OFF-CAMPUS APARTMENTS: please check this link for off-campus housing options:

HOMESTAY: students may stay with families the cost of which is approximately $1800 per nine-week session. 

 *The room/food cost is estimated. There are different housing options and different prices for each option. Student may choose from 12 different resident hall options. For pricing purposes we have chosen the South Complex Apartment Single  and unlimited meals. (see page 


Tuition: should you have to leave the program, the tuition is 100% refundable during the first week, 50% the second week, and no refund after that.

Housing and Meals for residential students: board will be pro-rated and housing refund will be decided by residential life.  No refunds for application fees and insurance.

If the departure is due to an emergency or an illness, it will be determined on a case by case basis.

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