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ESL Practice
Click on the sites below for practice with grammar, listening and other activities.

Dave’s ESL Café gigantic site of resources for ESL students and teachers including idioms, slang, quotes, a job center, and discussion forums
Activities for ESL Students study materials for students of English as a second language
INTERLINK ESL Resource Center ESL resources and links for international students
Randall's Cyber Listening Lab audio lessons help students of the English language improve their pronunciation and knowledge of important words and phrases
ESL Movie Guide ESL movie guides with each synopsis featuring a list of the major characters, a plot summary and an extensive glossary of vocabulary and cultural references
Breaking News English - Ready-to-use EFL / ESL lesson plans based on current affairs. Graded news articles, listenings and communicative activities uploaded daily
It's Online for teachers and students of English
English for Internet - a free English school on the Internet, this site offers classes in grammar, reading, writing, listening and speaking -  combination of lessons, expression quizzes and chat
English Global Village a range of interactive ESL materials for students and teachers, organized according to theme
Interesting Things for ESL Students word games, puzzles, quizzes, slang, proverbs and much more
Karin's ESL PartyLand ESL students and teachers can find quizzes and on-line exercises, lesson plans, e-mail exchanges, 25 discussion forums, a job center, ESL links, a bookstore, and more
Easy English free diagnostic tests, lessons and links for English learners
A.Word.A.Day sends a vocabulary word and its definition to the subscribers every day
ESL Lounge activities and resources for English learners free, thirty unit spelling course
American Slanguages (Foreign Slanguages Too) talk like the locals in cities in America and around the world - the hick to hip translation guide Free, comprehensive ESL Site including forums, realtime chat, grammar, writing, interactive quizzes and games, flashcards, audio materials, helplines, multi-lingual content - and much more! - practice your English with interactive exercises on-line - receive unique interactive email exercises - have your own personal page with activity history
Literacy net great reading practice
ESL Gold features hundreds of pages of free materials for both students and teachers with all materials categorized by skill and level for quick and easy access
Using English for English students
English Daily an English site for those who are determined to learn English well
Learning Vocabulary Can Be Fun a variety of computer based games including wordsearch, hangman and concentration for vocabulary building
5 Minute English over 150 short lessons for intermediate-level English learners, a free weekly lesson by email, a message board, and more
RepeatAfterUs copyright-free classics with audio clips, including poems, fables, essays, soliloquies, historical speeches, memorable quotes, nursery rhymes, and children's stories from around the world
Saber Inglés free English Course. Lessons based on songs, TV shows and movies. Games, reading comprehension, interactive exercises and themed vocabulary lists
English The Easy Way Everyone can learn English; this site explains English, so that everyone can understand
Zozanga ESL - Learn English free and independent web site for EFL/ESL learners and teachers
English, baby! uses American movies and music to teach REAL English
Short Story Radio listen to professional recordings of original English language short stories free of charge -- two new stories every week
Purdue Writing Lab online writing lab, resources for writers and teachers, internet search tools
Pizzaz Fun Writing Activities dedicated to providing simple creative writing and oral storytelling activities with copyable handouts for use with students of all ages
Nellie's English Projects designed to provide students and teachers with clear instructions on how to write and present research papers
Essay Info: Essay Writing Center information and tips for writing with guides for writing better quality
essays and research papers
ESL Reader - The Many Roads to Japan the story of a Vietnam War conscientious objector's adventures and search for identity with links, pictures, comprehension and discussion/essay questions for low intermediates and higher
ESL Podcasts from China232 ESL podcasting website suitable for intermediate to advanced students
Open English World free ESL activities including idioms and conversation with recorded audio learn english through soccer
Spelling City free site students can practice their spelling words using online word games
Learn English with Pictures over 400 words and photographs ranging from animals to kitchen appliances
Blabbinit practice english through community interaction using podcasts, forums and chat
University English a site for students of English for Academic Purposes regularly updated by a university lecturer
E-English free online English grammar for all who want to practise English tenses
TED: Ideas worth sharing riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world
Blair English free website for non-native English speakers wishing to improve their business and general vocabulary
EmbedPlus: How to pronounce words and use them multimedia pronunciation dictionary with videos of real people speaking and using the word in context.
Helping Second Language Students Succeed part 1 and part 2 podcast of David Pecoraro interviewing Professors Jeff Wilson and Rebecca Beck, ESL specialists from Irvine Valley College, California.
Online Student’s Writing Center tips, tricks and online resources that can provide an online student with the tools required to write expert academic papers
MOOECTalk improve pronunciation and fluency using online tools including app for creating and comparing visual images of sounds
Grammarist a language resource that covers a broad spectrum of grammar topics including usage, words and phrases, spelling, parts of speech and style Writing Center writing resources for students including grammar, punctuation and online citation information