Self-Test Quiz: SPELLING

Directions: Read the sentence, place the mouse cursor on Listen, and type your answer in the box. Then click Check and look at the top of the screen to see if your answer is correct. Scroll down to the next question. Scroll down to begin.

1. The president refused to ??? about the situation.  LISTEN

2. Is it ??? to read the whole book?  LISTEN

3. I want to prevent this from ??? a problem.  LISTEN

4. My ??? is graduating next week.  LISTEN

5. This is a great ??? to practice my English.  LISTEN

6. Do you have any ??? of this matter?  LISTEN

7. What was her ??? for being late?  LISTEN

8. My favorite ??? is broccoli.  LISTEN

9. The ??? should make fair laws.  LISTEN

10. The shortest month is ??? LISTEN

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