Self-Test Quiz: SPELLING

Directions: Read the sentence, place the mouse cursor on Listen, and type your answer in the box. Then click Check and look at the top of the screen to see if your answer is correct. Scroll down to the next question. Scroll down to begin.

1. What ??? is your father in?  LISTEN

2. Quality is more important than ??? here.  LISTEN

3. Let's ??? the cake into eight pieces.  LISTEN

4. There is a ??? party for Ann tonight.  LISTEN

5. He picked up the ??? and started to dig.  LISTEN

6. This is my ??? month in the US.  LISTEN

7. I had an ??? with my best friend.  LISTEN

8. The results of the ??? are in the newspaper.  LISTEN

9. Which college will you ??? to?  LISTEN

10. Always look ??? you leap.  LISTEN

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