Self-Test Quiz: SPELLING

Directions: Read the sentence, place the mouse cursor on Listen, and type your answer in the box. Then click Check and look at the top of the screen to see if your answer is correct. Scroll down to the next question. Scroll down to begin.

1. We had a true or ??? quiz yesterday.  LISTEN

2.  I am tired ??? it is only eight o'oclock.  LISTEN

3. I ??? for the book, but I haven't received it yet.  LISTEN

4. That was a very ??? explanation.  LISTEN

5. Did you ??? the football game yesterday?  LISTEN

6. I have a lot of ??? mistakes in my essay.  LISTEN

7. I think; ???, I am.  LISTEN

8. She has been my best friend through ??? and thin.  LISTEN

9. The teacher is ??? interested in our success..  LISTEN

10. I have to make a ??? decision.  LISTEN

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