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Most men and women pass xx1xx life without ever considering or criticising xx2xx their own conditions or those of the world at large. They find themselves born into a certain place in society, and they accept what each day xx3xx, without any thought beyond what the immediate present requires. They seek the satisfaction of the needs of the moment, without much forethought, and without thinking that by sufficient effort the conditions of their lives xx4xx be changed. A certain percentage, guided by personal ambition, make the effort of thought and will which is necessary to place themselves among the more xx5xx members of the community; but very few among these are seriously concerned to secure for all the advantages which they seek for xx6xx. Only a few rare and exceptional men have that kind of love toward mankind at large that makes them unable to endure patiently the general mass of evil and suffering, xx7xx of any relation it may have to their own lives. These few, driven by sympathetic pain, will seek for some new system of society by which life may become richer, more full of xx8xx and less full of preventable evils xx9xx it is at present. But in the past such men have, as a rule, failed to interest the very victims of the injustices xx10xx they wished to remedy.

Adapted from Proposed Roads To Freedom by Bertrand Russell

Created with Hot Potatoes

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