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Death is not necessarily a failure of energy on the part of the Life Force. People with no xx1xx try to make things which will last forever, and even want to live forever themselves. But the xx2xx man knows very well that it is a waste of labor to make a machine that will last ten years, because it will probably be superseded in half that time by an improved machine xx3xx the same purpose. He also knows that if somebody were to convince us that our dream of personal immortality is no dream but a hard xx4xx, such a shriek of despair would go up xx5xx the human race as no other conceivable horror could provoke. We xx6xx voluntarily, knowing that it is time for us to be scrapped, to be remanufactured. We must all be born again, and yet again and again. No man is willing to make a serious effort to keep alive. The xx7xx he sees death approach, he gets into bed and sends for a doctor. He knows very xx8xx at the back of his conscience that he is rather a poor job and xx9xx be remanufactured. He knows that his xx10xx will make room for a birth.

Adapted from A Treatise on Parents and Children by George Bernard Shaw 

Created with Hot Potatoes

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