Multiple-Choice Questions

Click on the answer you think is correct.

1. xx1xx
   a) been
   b) found
   c) been made
   d) taken

2. xx2xx
   a) first
   b) last
   c) least
   d) most

3. xx3xx
   a) reason
   b) chance
   c) business
   d) help

4. xx4xx
   a) people
   b) animals
   c) friends
   d) enemies

5. xx5xx
   a) had
   b) seen
   c) been
   d) believed

6. xx6xx
   a) water
   b) blood
   c) fame
   d) anger

7. xx7xx
   a) among
   b) in
   c) between
   d) of

8. xx8xx
   a) because
   b) that
   c) now
   d) in

9. xx9xx
   a) shows
   b) showed
   c) is showing
   d) was showed

10. xx10xx
   a) easy
   b) dangerous
   c) impossible
   d) expected

11. Tarzan's tribe was made up of
   a) people
   b) gorillas
   c) apes
   d) indians

12. Tarzan was a
   a) boy
   b) man
   c) gorilla
   d) ape

13. TRUE or FALSE: Tarzan was afraid to fight with the gorilla.
   a) TRUE
   b) FALSE

14. The last word in the text, panic, means
   a) enjoyment
   b) hope
   c) fear
   d) thought

15. TRUE or FALSE: Tarzan will fight the gorilla.
   a) TRUE
   b) FALSE

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