Multiple-Choice Questions

Click on the answer you think is correct.

1. xx1xx
   a) a
   b) the
   c) his
   d) that

2. xx2xx
   a) a
   b) no
   c) any
   d) some

3. xx3xx
   a) beat
   b) beats
   c) is beating
   d) was beaten

4. xx4xx
   a) time
   b) night
   c) song
   d) voice

5. xx5xx
   a) leave
   b) leaves
   c) leaving
   d) left

6. xx6xx
   a) although
   b) however
   c) moreover
   d) futhermore

7. xx7xx
   a) friend
   b) enemy
   c) horseman
   d) companion

8. xx8xx
   a) hearing
   b) seeing
   c) feeling
   d) saying

9. xx9xx
   a) happiness
   b) interest
   c) enjoyment
   d) horror

10. xx10xx
   a) horse
   b) saddle
   c) companion
   d) head

11. What was Ichabod afraid of?
   a) ghosts
   b) wild animals
   c) robbers
   d) his horse.

12. What does the word terror in the first sentence mean?
   a) enjoyment
   b) hope
   c) fear
   d) effort

13. When Ichabod spoke to the horseman, the horseman
   a) greeted him
   b) said nothing
   c) threatened him
   d) made a gesture

14. The horseman
   a) was Ichabod's friend.
   b) was trying to rob Ichabod.
   c) had no head.
   d) wanted Ichabod's help.

15. The word observing in the last sentence means
   a) fearing
   b) wondering
   c) asking
   d) seeing

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