Multiple-Choice Questions

Click on the answer you think is correct.

1. xx1xx
   a) he
   b) who
   c) which
   d) what

2. xx2xx
   a) he
   b) they
   c) someone
   d) nobody

3. xx3xx
   a) asks
   b) asked
   c) was asking
   d) had asked

4. xx4xx
   a) dead
   b) is dead
   c) dies
   d) died

5. xx5xx
   a) saw
   b) thought
   c) understood
   d) recognized

6. xx6xx
   a) brother
   b) father
   c) friend
   d) nephew

7. xx7xx
   a) surpise
   b) surprised
   c) surprising
   d) in surprise

8. xx8xx
   a) a
   b) some
   c) any
   d) no

9. xx9xx
   a) day
   b) time
   c) one
   d) thing

10. xx10xx
   a) for
   b) with
   c) to
   d) from

11. TRUE or FALSE: Aladdin's father died recently.
   a) TRUE
   b) FALSE

12. TRUE or FALSE: Aladdin had never seen his uncle before.
   a) TRUE
   b) FALSE

13. The word careless in the first sentence means something like
   a) busy
   b) lazy
   c) friendly
   d) hungry

14. TRUE or FALSE: Aladdin's mother did not trust the "uncle".
   a) TRUE
   b) FALSE

15. TRUE or FALSE: Adaddin's mother was angry about the new suit of clothes that his uncle bought for him.
   a) TRUE
   b) FALSE

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