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The most extraordinary dream I ever xx1xx was one in which I fancied that, as I was going into a theater, the cloak-room attendant stopped me in the lobby and insisted on my xx2xx my legs behind. I was not surprised; but I was considerably annoyed. I said I had never heard of such a rule at any respectable theater xx3xx, and that I considered it a most absurd regulation. The man replied that he was very xx4xx, but that those were his instructions. People complained that they could not get to and from their xx5xx comfortably, because other people's legs were always in the way; and it had, therefore, been decided that xx6xx should leave their legs outside. It seemed to me that the management, in making this order, had gone xx7xx their legal right; and, under ordinary circumstances, I should have disputed it. However, I didn't want to xx8xx a disturbance; and so I sat down and meekly prepared to comply with the demand. I had never before xx9xx that the human leg could be unscrewed. I had always thought it was more securely fixed. But the man showed me how to undo them, and I found that they came off quite easily. The discovery did not surprise xx10xx any more than the original request that I should take them off. Nothing does surprise one in a dream.

Adapted from Dreams, by Jerome K. Jerome 

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