Multiple-Choice Questions

Click on the answer you think is correct.

1. xx1xx
   a) was
   b) saw
   c) had
   d) wanted

2. xx2xx
   a) leave
   b) leaves
   c) leaving
   d) left

3. xx3xx
   a) before
   b) after
   c) during
   d) so

4. xx4xx
   a) angry
   b) sorry
   c) friendly
   d) helpful

5. xx5xx
   a) homes
   b) jobs
   c) arms
   d) seats

6. xx6xx
   a) somebody
   b) everybody
   c) anybody
   d) nobody

7. xx7xx
   a) beyond
   b) from
   c) to
   d) around

8. xx8xx
   a) understand
   b) know
   c) make
   d) learn

9. xx9xx
   a) know
   b) known
   c) knowing
   d) knows

10. xx10xx
   a) him
   b) them
   c) me
   d) us

11. The word extraordinary in the first sentence means
   a) wonderful
   b) unusual
   c) terrible
   d) funny

12. How did the writer feel about being asked to leave his legs hehind?
   a) angry
   b) scared
   c) surprised
   d) happy

13. When the writer was asked to leave his legs behind, he
   a) did not do it.
   b) was not able to do it.
   c) did it.
   d) ran away.

14. True or False: The writer was the only person who had to remove his legs.
   a) True.
   b) False.

15. True or False: The writer had never removed his legs before.
   a) True.
   b) False.

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