Multiple-Choice Questions

Click on the answer you think is correct.

1. xx1xx
   a) give
   b) gives
   c) gave
   d) given

2. xx2xx
   a) alike
   b) different
   c) big
   d) closed

3. xx3xx
   a) door
   b) doors
   c) people
   d) signals

4. xx4xx
   a) should
   b) would
   c) must
   d) could

5. xx5xx
   a) immediately
   b) usually
   c) sometimes
   d) frequently

6. xx6xx
   a) suddenly
   b) angry
   c) beautiful
   d) old

7. xx7xx
   a) criminal's
   b) king's
   c) lady's
   d) tiger's

8. xx8xx
   a) even
   b) also
   c) especially
   d) not

9. xx9xx
   a) interest
   b) belief
   c) idea
   d) reason

10. xx10xx
   a) punish
   b) punishing
   c) punishes
   d) punished

11. How many doors could the person choose from?
   a) 1
   b) 2
   c) 3
   d) 4

12. The main purpose of the custom discussed was
   a) entertainment.
   b) justice.
   c) religious observation.
   d) to get money.

13. Who decided which door was to be opened?
   a) the criminal
   b) the people in the arena
   c) the king
   d) the lady

14. The word assembled in the first sentence means
   a) lifted
   b) gathered
   c) expected
   d) opened

15. The word innocent in the last sentence means
   a) not happy
   b) not angry
   c) not usual
   d) not guilty

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